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IBM Unica Online Training

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Nickname Skillset
Chetan Unica campaign management, SQL , Teradata


IBM Unica Campaign module Online training

Course Outline

1. Background on CRM, UNICA and Campaign Management 
2. Features in Unica, getting familiar with the tool 
3. Designing Flowcharts, Copying and Editing FCs 
4. Different Process boxes-A detailed session 
5. Custom Macros, Derived fields, Table Catalogs, User Variables, other 
advanced features etc 
6. Sample campaign build 
7. Campaign Building Exercise-Practice, Q&A Session
Miscellaneous (Additional Cost if requested, but mandatory for most 
Unica roles): 
1. SQL/Teradata (Basic SQL statements-Insert, Update, Delete, Create 
2. Advanced SQL (Types of Joins, Group By, sub queries, Aliases etc) 
3. FileZilla (FTP Client), Putty, UNIX 
This entire training would take 3 weeks as mentioned. Training material 
will be provided as a part of the training.  

Our IBM Unica training course will help you learn Unica campaign management. Our Unica training course also includes miscellaneous concepts which are mandatory for major unica roles. Unica training is provided online. 

You can attend a free demo class of our Unica training course.