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Hyperion Online Training

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Hyperion Essbase 9.3, Hyperion Planning 9.3, Hyperion Workspace 9.3

Hyperion Online Training course contents

Hyperion Essbase - Course Contents

1.Online Analytical Processing Overview •Data Transformation 
•Multidimensional View of Information 
•Multidimensional Data Model 
•OLAP Solutions 
2.Analytic Services Overview •Business Performance Management 
•Hyperion System 9 Overview 
•Hyperion Analytic Solution 
•Analytic Services 
•Analytic Administration Services 
3.Creating Multidimensional Databases •Life Cycle of the Essbase Analytics Database Design
  •Creating Essbase Analytics Applications and Databases 
•Creating and Managing Database Outlines 
•Creating Time, Accounts, and Scenario Dimensions 
4.Enhancing Database Outlines •Creating Business-view Dimensions 
•Specifying Consolidation Operators and Defining Calculations 
•Setting Time Balance Properties 
•Creating Label-Only and Shared Members 
•Defining Duplicate Member Names and Member Aliases 
•Creating Attribute Dimensions 
5.Loading Data •Data Load Options 
•Loading Data from Flat Files 
•Performing Free-Form Data Loads 
•Loading Data with Rules Files 
•Loading Data from SQL Data Sources 
6.Calculating the Essbase Analytics Database •Outline Calculations 
•Calculation Scripts 
•Two-Pass Calculations 
•Dynamic Calculations 
•Dynamic Time Series 
7.Retrieving Data •Smart View Overview 
•Connecting to the Analytic Server 
•Retrieving Multidimensional Data into Two-dimensional Spreadsheet Reports 
•Navigating Through Spreadsheet Reports 
•Manipulating Multidimensional Data 
•Installing the Web Server 
•Smart View Options 
8.Advanced Spreadsheet Reporting •Updating Data on the Analytic Server 
•Creating Free-Form Reports 
•Selecting Members 
•Creating Reusable Queries 
•Extending the Spreadsheet Environment with Visual Explorer 
9.Storing Analytic Data •Data Storage Options 
•Block Storage 
•Block Storage 
•Aggregate Storage 

Hyperion Essbase

Concepts of Hyperion Essbase and Essbase Administration Services

The steps required to build Hyperion applications

Building database structures dynamically

Loading data

The building blocks of data storage

Calculating data Through Calculation functions

Introduction to Maxl Scripts

Reporting data using Excel

Exporting data using Report scripts

Administration, automation and security

Hyperion Planning 9.3

Planning Application overview – Implementation of BI

Planning Components.

Planning menus.

Planning Repository Functionalities

Webforms Creation

Business Rules Association

Dimensional security

Creating Application

Creating Plantypes.

Manipulation of Data

User Security

Hyperion Essbase Excel-Add IN

Creation Templates

Cross – Tab reports

Performing calc scripts

Lock & Send data

Retrieval of data


Hyperion Essbase Administration services 9.3

User session monitoring

Start/Stop Application/database

Data backup & Restore

Security Setup

User Filters monitoring.

Business Rules & macros

Interfacing with remote Essbase servers & Administration services.

Loading data

Hyperion Shared Services 9.3

Creation of Native Users & Groups

Configuring MSAD user.

Provisioning Users & Groups.

Assigning Applications

Security Reporting.

Synchronising security with Planning & Essbase

Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio 9.3

Creation of Reports/Crosstab reports.

Database Connection creat

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